Located in a “park-like setting” with a scenic view of the Severn River and the U.S. Naval Academy, the Maryland World War II Memorial is dedicated to those brave men and women from Maryland who paid the ultimate price for our nation’s freedom.

A Lasting Tribute to Maryland Heros

The memorial was dedicated on July 23, 1998, and is currently maintained by the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. New York architect Secundino Fernandez was the chief designer.

The memorial is designed with a rectangular amphitheater surrounded by columns and granite slabs inscribed with the names of 6,454 Marylanders who died during the war. Stone panels and mosaic circles depict Maryland’s unique role in the war.

“Maryland developed technology that changed the face of ground warfare, tanks, shells, mortars, cannons, rifles, flame-throwers, and anti-tank bazookas came off design boards and testing fields of the Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Edgewood Arsenal” a stone panel reads.

The memorial was a culmination of six years that began with the installation of a commission during Gov. William Donald Schaefer’s administration. The commission was largely composed of veterans as well professionals in various fields and public servants.

“This lasting tribute recognizes the contributions of the men and women who fought for the principles of freedom both abroad and at home, as well as educates present and future generations about World War II and its impact as the world’s greatest military effort to date,” the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs website states.

Maryland World War II Memorial in Annapolis

Maryland World War II Memorial in Annapolis | Photo ©2021 Stahley Thompson Studios

The memorial is located at 1920 Ritchie Highway, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. Learn more about the Maryland Cemetery and Memorial Program.