Its that time of year again! Leaves begin to change colors, the temperature comes down to a “normal” degree and decorating for all of these holidays begins. Not only is Fall a refreshing time of year, but it’s a great time to give your home a makeover. Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Stahley Thompson Homes. We love the crisp, beautiful weather and changing colors of the leaves. It’s also a great time to sell your home. Incorporating seasonal touches into your home staging is a smart way to engage buyers’ imaginations and help them picture themselves living there.
Most people get excited about the change in seasons, which is why you see so many businesses roll out special décor and offers during each season to take advantage of what people are interested in. You can do the same thing when selling your home.  Decorating with the neutral shades of Fall is an attractive way of showing potential clients what an amazing property you have – and how it could look for them if they lived there.

So, below are some ideas and tips to prepare your home for the season and maybe add a little inspiration along the way.

Fall 2018 Home Makeover Guide

Maintain Curb Appeal

Keeping your lawn maintained is an important part of preparing your home for sale during any time of year. During the fall season, though, the leaves start falling and it can require a bit more maintenance to keep your curb appeal looking polished. Be sure to keep the leaves raked and replace any off-season plants with seasonal ones so there aren’t any dead plants or empty spots in your garden. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer, and trust us, this is a good thing for sellers. Not only do well-lit rooms look larger, but they also look more inviting. Before a showing, make sure to turn on all your lights, especially ones you can see from the street. Buyers will feel that glowing welcome as soon as they drive up.
After a long summer, you might need to replace mulch and any other wear-and-tear, to make your home warm and inviting, hang a fall wreath on your door and fill an urn planter with an urn filler and pumpkin stacks. Or you could place starlight spheres in the urn planter to give your entryway a shimmery glow. When you walk into your home, you can add fall decorations to the area. This is a great and welcoming way to set the first impression for potential new buyers as they approach your home to tour during an open house.
For example, you could tie lighted stairway swag to your stair railing. Or, lay a fall inspired area rug on the floor. Put a console table or pre-lit faux hay bales on it and place grapevine pumpkin stacks in various sizes upon them. Your entryway will look more attractive with these fall decorations!
Mantle Fall Home Decorating 

Fall Home Decorating

Imagine potential clients entering a house to find a cozy warm fire to watch as the leaves fall. To make it more special, give your fireplace a seasonal look with fall harvest decor such as Pre-Lit Fall Foliage. Start by hanging a fall wreath on the wall above your mantel. And on the mantel, place garland, glass pumpkins along with and variously sized wood candle holders with faux LED wax candles. You may even want to scatter a few small gourds around the candles.
If you have built-in bookcases on either side of your fireplace or even side tables, dress them up with grapevine glitter pumpkins. Now close your eyes and envision yourself in a warm, snug room. Do you see yourself relaxing in front of a bright fire? So do lots of buyers. Few things say “welcome home” like a crackling fire in the fireplace and some well-placed candles, so take advantage of the season and help buyers see themselves at home during your open house.
Don’t underestimate the sense of smell when selling your home. A subtle hint of fall scents can help buyers get into the spirit of the season and feel more at home. Cinnamon sticks are a great choice to place around the house. Just don’t use too many or else the scent with have the opposite effect that you want if it’s too strong. Texture is one of the most overlooked interior styling principles. You can create feelings and add depth and layers to your space by adding textures into your accessories. Especially soft goods like throws, accent pillows, etc. Having textures like wool, chenille and deeper shades of reds and oranges can create warmth and coziness for your space.

Keep Colors and Decorations Tasteful

Color has psychological effects on us, and one of them is temperature. When it comes to the weather cooling down, it’s great to add visual warmth through colors. You can do so by incorporating colors into your decorative accessories, floral arrangements, throws, accent pillows, artwork, etc. I love the fall season because I can add warmer tones like browns, muted golds, muted reds and burnt orange without worrying the colors will come across too strong. They are perfect for the season.
We all love holiday decorating, but too many can be a turn-off to buyers when they’re house hunting. Not only do they distract from the house itself, but they can also offend some buyers if they have different beliefs or views on the holidays. While your house is on the market, keep the holiday décor to a tasteful minimum and stick with themes that are neutral. Using décor from nature is a great way to incorporate some seasonal flair that is appropriate for all audiences.
Styling the Rest of Your Home

Think Cozy

Think about upping the coziness factor of your home with additional throw pillows and soft, nubby blankets. Anything that will encourage a buyer to feel relaxed and at home, ready to curl up with a good book and a comfy chair will help you to move your home faster. When it comes to home decorations, you can’t forget about the centerpiece for your table’s. For example, get a fall wreath with pumpkins on a wood candle holder in the middle. Another option is to place pre-lit glass pumpkins of various sizes on your Thanksgiving table. And, of course, sprinkle faux fall leaves around them. Furthermore, you could put LED pillar candle lanterns and lighted glass pumpkins on your Dining Room table. No matter which centerpiece you choose, your dining table will look incredible.
Add some extra pillows to the sofa, armchairs and beds to make each space feel extra cozy. Choose pillows in seasonal fabrics like knit and faux fur or warm, seasonal colors. Throws are also nice to toss over the foot of the bed or the arm of the sofa to add that extra touch of comfort. If you have a fireplace, stack some wood beside it to help buyers imagine using it during the fall and winter seasons. These touches are all subtle but can have a big impact on where buyers’ imaginations will go while touring your home. Avoid overpowering a room with too many flowers and candles, and always remember keep personal items tucked away.

Think Food. Favorite Fall Foods

The pleasant scent of fresh-baked cookies or a warm apple pie wafting through the house can trigger memories of comfort and home. To tie in with the season and the much-beloved holiday foods, light some candles scented with apple spice, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cranberries or ginger spice. Add warmth and a touch of the holidays to your kitchen or dining room by creating a cornucopia centerpiece on your table or countertop to match the scents. Fill the centerpiece with gourds, miniature pumpkins and maize to help potential buyers picture themselves cooking their first Thanksgiving dinner in their new home.

Styling the Rest of Your Home

Another great, subtle way to bring a touch of the season into your home is by bringing in some fall colors. We always recommend neutralizing your entire home’s palette and then accenting it with some color, so for fall home staging, use warmer colors as your accents. Colors like dark red, burnt orange, dark green, and golds are all lovely options. Not only will your home be warm and inviting, but your potential buyers will feel invited. People viewing your home can take in the beauty of the fall setting you’ve created. Sound impossible? It’s not. What’s more, make a point to take in the beauty of the season and have a wonderful harvest time. And as with any seasonal decor, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo your decorating efforts.
Want to share your love of fall decorating? Post in the comments your Fall Decorating ideas and experiences.