Our agents have always had a special relationship with the Annapolis local business community. They keep tabs on local real estate market changes, tracking the changing face of Main Street and the mom and pop businesses that have spanned decades.

Our company works closely with small business owners to help them promote their goods and services, celebrate their successes and offer deals to potential clients. After all, we are a small business as well and believe in community spirit.

As America has seemingly shut down overnight with the spreading coronavirus pandemic, our Annapolis business community has acutely felt the loss of its customers and its community.
Restaurants that were bustling until just 2 weeks ago, preparing for spring weather and taking reservations for upcoming birthdays and graduations, now sit empty and unsure of when diners will next pass through their doors.

How long can Annapolis business owners weather the storm?

Local gyms and day care facilities have made the difficult decision to close in the hopes that it’s only temporary. Countless storefronts along Main Street that relied heavily on foot traffic that isn’t there anymore are looking at their bottom lines, wondering how long they can weather the storm.

And so, it is at this precipitous time that we’re reaching out to implore everyone who is able to offer a strong show of support. It can be a purchase online, buying a gift card for the future or even just sending a message telling them you care.

Annapolis is where we call home. Now is the time to do what we can for Annapolis business owners.